Immunogen The Game

ImmunogenNo seriously…protect yourself: It is a dangerous world out there and someone has to save us from the millions of deadly viruses we are susceptible to. Will it be you? With Immunogen you have a chance to play endless levels of virus killing fun. You can win awards along the way and try, just try to beat the highest score.

Immunogen tests your memory skills by having you match pills to viruses. Nice and easy right? Let’s see if you can focus when viruses multiply faster than you can think. Tired of the same old game? Levels, music, and backgrounds in Immunogen change every time you play so the playability is mind blowing. Really, mind blowing! If your mind doesn’t blow up from how fabulous it looks, it will be because Immunogen pushes you to the edge, the absolute edge… edge of your seat. Are you on the edge yet?

So protect yourself: play, sleep, play again, make a sandwich, and then play again… and again. You won’t regret it.
Immunogen was designed by CNG Studios. The incredible musical score is thanks to John Faller.

Kill viruses, improve your memory, protect yourself, play Immunogen.t yourself, play Immunogen.